The Gathering Storm

12.17.2020 — The storm gathers steam. Stupid, stupid steam.

Whatever it is that is forming on the edge of then and now appears to be stupid. Will it continue, will things change, or will it all fade back to non-existence entirely? Nobody knows for sure, but least of all me. Or us. Or them? We’re not even sure who’s talking right now. 

Stay tuned,

Anonymous but probably Steve


12.16.2020 — The horizon darkens as it(?) begins to begin.

Sometime around 2017, after nearly 8 years of running Njoystic, authors and podcast hosts Ben Matlock and Steve Gibson decided to retire the website. A catastrophic fire left the great archives in ashes, and little if anything remains of their original masterworks. 

However, not all that dies stays dead. And while nobody is sure what any of this means (including the author), we have once again put virtual pen to digital paper in order to create this: A Temporary Space-holder! 

So gather thine minstrels and revelers, and then wait patiently to see if the omens and prophecies bear fruit, or if this was just a waist of everyone’s time. 

Thank you, and see you soon (maybe?)

Steve R Gibson, esquire.