The Spiritual Journey of Doom Guy – Doom Review (PC)

A futuristic, thought-provoking take on Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. First-person shooters have been in a tough spot for some time now. It seems like in recent years both new and old faces of the genre have been obsessively following the lead of either the primary multiplayer-focused, linear campaigns of a Call […]


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End™_20160515181938

Drake’s Dishes: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review (PS4)

The “Pirates Improve Everything” rule is once again proven true. The Uncharted games are probably some of the most difficult for me to review because every time I talk about them, I struggle to get over the baffling level of praise the series gets. I am an argumentative bastard and […]

Blood? Souls? There is Plenty of Both – Dark Souls III Review (PC)

Where lighting yourself on fire is honestly one of the wiser things to do. I was fully expecting to be burnt out on these games by the time Dark Souls III came around. Not just from the fact that I’ve been playing at least some Souls-like game since last November, […]



A Bit Wordy – Epistory – Typing Chronicles Review

“Learn to type or the spiders will get you.” I took this lesson to heart. Trying to describe Epistory – Typing Chronicles is surprisingly difficult. It’s a typing game that clearly has a lot of elements inspired by famous games that might emphasize exploration. At the same time, it’s a […]

Robots with Odd Names – Assault Android Cactus Review

Just plug the robot into the wall if the battery sucks so much! My experiences with dual-stick shooters have usually been simple, lighthearted affairs. I would turn on Geometry Wars or something like it, and play for 5-10 minutes while I contemplated more important things. Timeless questions regarding what I […]

Assault Android Cactus_20160314213112


The Njoystic Show Episode 10: Make America Game Again

Drinking spit, hostess clubs, and of course, videogames. We talk Dark Souls 2 DLC, the return of Rocket Leage’s Snowday mode, and the No Man’ Sky’s surprising pricetag. Recorded live on 3/02/2016 at Audio Player Videocast

The Njoystic Show Episode 9: Primal Urges

We get back to the primitive in this week’s episode, which includes discussion on Deadpool, The Division, The Witness, Devil Daggers, and yes, pizza (and Far Cry: Primal) Recorded live from 2/24/2016 at Audio Player Videocast



The Fast and the Frustrating — Move or Die Review

If there was a tally of the number of hours I’ve spent playing Counter-Strike since the game was first introduced as a Half-Life mod, I’d probably be sick. I’ve also spent years roaming the landscape of World of Warcraft, and I’ve even managed to prestige in a Call of Duty […]

The Dark Zone Might be The Division’s Brightest Feature

I’ve been looking forward to The Division since viewing Ubisoft’s reveal trailer. The game has jumped on and off my radar since then — hardly surprising given the time that’s passed since that initial announcement — but by the end of of last year, it had climbed back onto my […]


It took me a stupid amount of time to realize you were actually shooting daggers.

Failure and Shame in 60 Seconds – Devil Daggers Review 1

You know it’s hell because you’re actually enjoying your punishment If any game is going to drive me insane this year, it will likely be Devil Daggers. Every time I play this 90s FPS-style arena shooter, it begins the same way. I feel like playing something light, and Devil Daggers […]

The Njoystic Show Episode 8

Pre-show technical difficulties be damned; we talk Layers of Fear, X-COM 2, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, the Street Fighter V launch, and more. Recorded live on Feb 17, 2016 at Check out this episode on Libsyn!


What Happened to Bob Ross? – Layers of Fear Review

I don’t think it’s the house that’s haunted. Back when I tried an incomplete build of Layers of Fear in October, I couldn’t help but be impressed with what the game was trying to do. This exploration-focused horror game puts the player in the role of a tormented painter attempting […]