The Njoystic Show Episode 5   Recently updated !

The Njoystic cast gets wild, but not before talking Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Heroes of the Storm, the train-wreck that is Mighty No 9, and more! Stick around while Ben lays some little known animal facts on this week’s show. The Njoystic Show is filmed live on Wednesday nights […]

Not like it’s Origami – Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Review   Recently updated !

When I first heard about Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, it seemed like a merger that would be very difficult to screw up. From my perspective, the Mario and Luigi games were typically solid enough RPGs, while the classic turn-based Paper Mario games had some of the best humor and […]

Ben’s Horribly Late Reviews Present: Undertale (PC)

I can’t say for sure what compelled me to buy Undertale. Once in a while a game will come out and the reception for it seems so hyperbolic that I practically have to force myself to play it. I’ve heard people say it was one of the funniest games they […]

Undertale 6


Ben’s Top 10 Games of 2015

So the arguments are over and the awards for 2015 have been decided. However, I can’t move on to 2016 without giving one last place of honor to my personal favorites. There were a lot of games to enjoy, and how I rank my personal top 10 Games of 2015 […]

Hats Off! Steamworld Heist 3DS Review

Welcome to the future. The age of automation. The end of the human era and rise of the steambot era. Steambot pirates actually, and specifically, Captain Piper Faraday and her crew in the new Nintendo 3DS release Steamworld Heist from Image and Form Games. It seems that Scrappers, steambots who […]



A Weekend with the Devilian Beta

I Want A Girl With a Short Skirt and a Long Cannon I was only made aware of Devilian a few weeks ago. I enjoy MMOs, and the game’s isometric perspective, Korean art style, and action-oriented combat system seemed like it could be a refreshing change from the other games […]

Death and Donkey Meat: The Curious Expedition

We’re all going to die some day. That’s a harsh way to begin this piece, I know, but it’s an important truth. We will not live forever. So the question becomes this: What are you going to do with your short time here on earth? If you’re one of the […]


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition_20150802145933

On Mastery and the Appeal of Devil May Cry

I have been playing a lot of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. I love the Devil May Cry games. The third installment in particular stands out as one of the best action games I’ve ever played. I bought a metal […]

Njoycast 193 — It’s A-Live!

Welcome to the sneaky debut of the Njoystic Live Podcast! But for you audiophiles out there, we’ve got you covered. This week, as we marvel at the invention of moving picture talkies, we discuss Rocket League and Devil May Cry, and cassette tapes and such and such and so on. […]



Op-Ed: Last-Gen Compatibility Hurts Us All

File this under “Unpopular Opinions, ” or in your bum. Your choice. I started this morning, like any other, by checking my Twitter feed. Once again, I read tweet after tweet coming to the defense of game developers. Upon further research, I learned that some people are having a meltdown […]

Njoycast 192 — Most Dangerous Game

We don’t actually talk about the most dangerous game, or Elite: Dangerous game, but we do talk about other less-dangerous games. And movies. And television. DmC 4: Special Edition, Arkham: Knight, Earth Defense Force, Shantae, and more eShop stuff from Derek. Check out the one-hundred and ninth-second episode of the […]



Njoycast 191 — Invisible Glitch

The Njoycast was hit hard by the technical difficulties but, but thanks to a miracle of science, you’ll never spot the issues! . . . because podcast is audio. Despite an awkward transition and a complete change of sound quality two minutes in, the nearly flawless show manages to talk […]