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Njoycast 192 — Most Dangerous Game

We don’t actually talk about the most dangerous game, or Elite: Dangerous game, but we do talk about other less-dangerous games. And movies. And television. DmC 4: Special Edition, Arkham: Knight, Earth Defense Force, Shantae, and more eShop stuff from Derek. Check out the one-hundred and ninth-second episode of the […]


Njoycast 191 — Invisible Glitch

The Njoycast was hit hard by the technical difficulties but, but thanks to a miracle of science, you’ll never spot the issues! . . . because podcast is audio. Despite an awkward transition and a complete change of sound quality two minutes in, the nearly flawless show manages to talk […]


Incredible Sci-fi Adventure Cradle To Launch on July 24

Cradle is beautiful. Not just visually pretty, although it very much is, but it’s also an emotionally gorgeous experience: sorrowful, lonely, uneasy, mechanical, dreamy, but always beautiful. Inspired by games like Myst and Another World; Eastern European authors such as Sorokin, Platonov, and the Strugatsky brothers; sci-fi filmography of the […]

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150630123822

Be the Crappy Car — Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Rocksteady Studios is one of the few developers that I could say I came to trust unconditionally. It’s almost hard to believe that the Batman franchise was so terrible for video games for so many years until they brought us Batman: Arkham Asylum and we were able to see just […]


NJoycast 190 – Down with the Ship

Like a can of cheap soup, this week’s show is condensed. That’s not to say there’s any less videogames talk; just that Ben had to cram all his Batman: Arkham Knight ranting into a shorter timeframe. Steve’s still playing Heroes of the Storm, but has also started Fallout New Vegas. […]


Game Gripes: Questing in Heroes of the Storm

I like Heroes of the Storm. I really do. With a stable of games that includes World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Hearthstone, Blizzard is no stranger to competitive multiplayer. With Heroes of the Storm, they have once again managed to leverage this experience to craft a compelling online experience. Heroes […]


Njoycast 189 – The Brown Notes

The Njoycast crew are back from their one-game suspension, and it’s another game-filled show. Splatoon, Batman: Arkham Knight, Witcher, Nintendo thievery, and more. It’s like some sort of colorful explosions in the sky, but for your ears! Check it out: (Direct link for download)


The Diary Ends – Bloodborne Review

The Diary of the Bloody Mad has finally come to a close. Thanks to their help, this was a fun, productive experience that I’m sure I’ll foolishly attempt again at some point. Now I have been saying that this project would end with an actual review of Bloodborne. Even though […]


Njoycast 188 – Master of Puppets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Gamer Christmas! Steve and Ben discuss E3’s biggest reveals, and the press conferences from the big three — Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. There’s so much stuff to talk about, we couldn’t possibly fit it into one show. So we didn’t. Games include, […]


Diary of the Bloody Mad Part 15: Butler? Hunter? Buntler?

The final push to the top of Mergo’s Loft was a march that truly demonstrated how far Franzworth and I have come since the beginning of our hunt. The path was full of the ring wraith bastards—as well as some gigantic mutated pigs. None of these were any sort of […]