Kickstarter Project Chronicles the History and Politics of Eve Online

Writer and veteran games journalist Andrew Groen has launched a new Kickstarter campaign looking to fund the publication of what may be the first-ever history book based on real events of an in-game universe. A History of The Great Empires of Eve Online looks to raise a humble $12,500, with the money going to help fund publishing of the work (and, presumably, to help feed the author.)

Eve Online has commanded a large and dedicated community since the game launched in 2003. From the player-driven in-game economy, politics, factions, and wars, there is a wealth of history tied to both the scripted and organic events that have shaped the game world over the following decade.

The campaign is limited to two tiers with the focus on getting the project published. Backers who pledge at least $10 will receive the book in digital format, while those who donate a minimum of $25 will receive both the digital and softcover versions. Groen is currently targeting a May 2015 release date. The Kickstarter campaign, which kicked off today, will run until May 25, 2014.