Expanding the Indie Space

A look at a trio of indie games featuring out-of-this-world action

Since its earliest days, outer space has served as one of gaming’s most dependable backdrops. With a resurgence in flight simulators and the success of titles like CCP’s Eve: Online, many developers are once again turning to the stars. Here’s a look at a trio of interesting indie titles looking to expand the classic space shooter genre.

Final Flight of the Perseus

Platform: iOS – Developer: Third Party Ninja, LLC – Release: Available Now


Mobile games are typically overlooked by most gamers. They are experiences that are typically designed to hold a player’s attention for 3-5 minutes during that bathroom break, wait in line, or any other short interruption to one’s day. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good games. One game that fits this mold is Third Party Ninja LLC’s Final Flight of the Perseus recently released for free on iOS devices.

The game is simplistic in design, yet addictive to play as players strive to make it just one level farther than their previous playthroughs. The player controls a ship utilizing the touch screen, and by dragging the user’s finger across the screen the ship moves. Interestingly enough, there is no need for a fire button as the ship automatically fires. This way, players can focus more on avoiding the ever increasing enemies and navigating the ship.

After each level, players are given an opportunity to upgrade the ship using money collected in previous rounds. These upgrades include Gun Power, Gun Speed, and Shield. Depeleted shields can be replenished as the game goes on while the the Gun improvements are permanent for the current playthrough.

Overall, Final Flight of the Perseus is an addictive game that keep players engaged as the levels change every time allowing players to shoot their way through endless levels of action with easy controls and a good soundtrack attached to it. And as stated before, the price point for this game is set at free, making it a low risk-high reward scenario.

By Derek Prim

Final Flight of the Perseus can be downloaded here.

If you are interested to check out more from Third Party Ninja LLC, head to their official website and make sure to follow the coding half of the team Jesse Chounard on twitter @Chounard.