Flying Familiar Skies – Spikey Walls Review (Wii U)


How often have gamers thought, I wish game A was on platform B? Well, for some that wish has come true from RCMADIAX with the recent release of the game Spikey Walls for Wii U, inspired by Flappy Bird for iOS.

wallSpikey Walls is mechanically simple. Just like it’s inspiration, players guide a small flying creature, which we’ll dub ‘The Flying Raisin,’ through spikey walls until a wall is hit. One thing that stands out for this game is the screen size, which makes it easier for players to see oncoming obstacles.

The music, while on an infinite loop, doesn’t assault eardrums and is a nice listen. The button response is also immediate, allowing players to accurately time their flight.

SpikeyOne complaint, while minor, is that touch controls are required to start the game, while the face buttons control flight or restarting the game. It would have been nice to see the game to either offer support for both touch controls and face buttons, or to strictly keep to one or the other.

Spikey Walls is a lot of fun, and I personally enjoyed it more than the iOS version. With the ability to have Off-TV play, the game easy to pick up and play. With a low price point and minimal time investment for playing, this is a game that Wii U owners should check out.

Score 7 out of 10

  • I picked up Spikey Walls earlier this week for fifty cents (it’s on sale, I guess?) and honestly, I agree with you. Maybe I’m a little biased because I greatly enjoy the original Flappy Bird, but I feel like the majority of the Internet has been unjustly harsh on Spikey Walls. The game isn’t perfect–it’s an obvious imitation with some painful jittering issues and bizarre design elements (like the constant switching of controls from touch menus, to tapping A, to pressing X to retry)–but it does enough right to be the perfect kind of addicting. It’s like an old arcade classic with a little more style. Simple, to the point, all about the score. There’s something to be said for games that drop you right in; games that you can play for five minutes at a time without worrying about having to save or remembering where you left off.

    It’s nice to see someone on the web shares my opinion.