Overwatch Character Review: Part 2

Further examination of a great game and the terrible people in it.


It was probably a mistake to start this character review process before playing the competitive mode in Overwatch. After all, you don’t really know somebody until you’ve seen them desperate. It’s when you’re party to an event with actual stakes that people will show you their terrible nature. Overwatch reaffirms what multiplayer games have taught us for years; give people something as simple as a win/loss ranking and the total dick hiding within all man will reveal itself.

Fortunately, nothing about my experiences in competitive mode changes how I feel about Bastion, Genji, and D.Va. However, competitive mode did enlighten me to a few truths about the heroes we will be taking a look at today, as well as the wretched bunch who play this game.


Hanzo_portraitMy Experience: Despite my love for D.Va, I’ve probably played my best games of Overwatch with Hanzo. Personally, there’s something very smooth and direct about his archery abilities that makes his sniping far more satisfying for me than Widowmaker’s. His abilities, including his ultimate, are also very simple, direct attacks. Stand back, pick people off, and unleash a cyclone of dragons when enemies have no escape.

At the same time, I’ve also probably had my worst matches of Overwatch with Hanzo. His attacks are direct, but that means you have to be accurate. If you’re feeling off with him, your team could be in the toilet.

Community Reception: Should you have that occasional bad Hanzo game, you can believe that your god damn team will let you know it. Watch with astonishment and maybe some pride as the chat as the chat comes up with countless ways to tell you’re useless. It doesn’t matter if you medal in eliminations or damage done, you see? Your teammates don’t have guns like you do, Hanzo. So you have to be their entire damn offense!

I love playing as Hanzo, and most of the time I do pretty well. But people try their hardest to take the fun out of playing one of the most fun characters in the game.

Meaningless Grade: Hanzo is great when he’s not around his asshole friends. B


Junkrat_portraitMy Experience: I love the design of this character, but he’s up there with heroes I’ve put the least amount of time into. Usually my experience with Junkrat is trying to dodge his ridiculously fast volley of grenades or just to shoot his ultimate before it wipes my entire team. He’s pretty easy to kill, but his traps and the ability to take you out from behind cover makes him consistently a huge threat.

Community Reception: Junkrat is easily one of the most common characters I see so it looks like people really love the guy. And rarely do I see anybody complain about him. He might be the most liked person in Overwatch now that I about it. Bet he would even drive you to the airport right now, if you needed him.

Meaningless Grade: Good teammate. Worthy Opponent. I like Junkrat. A





Lucio_portraitMy Experience: While Overwatch does a good job making all of its characters feel unique, it’s the support characters who really seem to value that individuality. None of them play remotely the same, and I’m very grateful for that when it comes to Lúcio. He’s able to give more offense-focused players a fairly competent weapon, a blast wave to put distance between you and enemies, and a shield ultimate that can easily save your entire team’s ass in a battle if you can time it correctly.

Community Reception: Most people like Lúcio as he’s probably the easiest of the healers to play as. That makes it frustrating as all hell when nobody on the team wants to be a healer. I was Lúcio three matches in a row, guys! I would like to enjoy the game I bought and all the characters it has to offer at some point! We don’t need two widowmakers! Get back to the spawn and change your character! You assholes!

Meaningless Grade: Lúcio is great, but he has one gigantic weakness which is that somebody has to play as him in order for him to do cool things. A

Until next time, my name is Ben and this stupid game is going to kill me.