Overwatch Character Review: Part 3

Where I channel rage I have over bad games that happened weeks ago, like an adult.


Since the last installment, Blizzard has been working on some substantial changes for Overwatch. They’re currently testing out the new character, Ana. A healing sniper is as interesting as it sounds, but I’ll need more time in matches that don’t consist of half my team trying to play as her.

Besides that, D.Va and Zenyatta have both received some substantial changes. Zenyatta has long been a nemesis of mine in this game, so the fact that he’s more durable now and his shots are quicker seem like a punishment directly to me. Maybe a punishment for doing this very series.

Meanwhile, D.Va can’t blow herself up anymore and her defense grid works a little more like a briefer version of Reinhardt’s shield, with a meter you have to manage rather than a cooldown. These changes took a little getting used to, but I went on a 15 player kill streak once I had. There were also various little modifications made to the rest of the cast, but it’s pretty cool to see Blizzard attempting such drastic changes in the name of balance.

Now let’s continue to nitpick their efforts one by one.


Mccree_portraitMy Experience: McCree’s revolver is powerful, but demands a lot more precision than probably any other offense character. This made him a pretty easy go-to for my style of play, but if my Hanzo games have lacked consistency than McCree is a full blown schizophrenic in my hands. His ability to fan the hammer gives him some rapid fire ability, but I’ve found that a precise headshot has been the better answer to any anti-cowboy prejudices from the other team. The amount of time his ultimate takes is pretty stupid, though.

Community Reception: Good fucking lord, people will whine about McCree. Nobody seemed to get the memo that his rapid shot got nerfed almost immediately. It’s not the tank doomsday device it was before. If you play as him, expect a ton of entitled assholes who think you should just be delivering victories and gold medals automatically.

I had a guy playing a Roadhog who was getting pissed at me because I wasn’t choosing to lead the charge. Well, asshole, McCree can die in one shot. You won’t, and you can heal yourself. So how about you pull your fat ass out from behind that pillar and pretend you know what tanks do!?

Meaningless Grade: McCree, while fun to play as, has got me arguing with imaginary internet people in my fucking head. When I’m in a padded room, he will be at fault. C


Mei_portraitMy Experience: Behind all the smiles, cutesy robots, and environmental awareness, I found Mei to be a real shithead. Despite the limited range of her freeze gun, if she charges you it seems almost impossible to get away. Once she freezes you, it’s lights out as she slowly lines up an icicle headshot. Mei is a hunter who can immediately put you into a drastic game of space management. In impure hands, Mei can become the top priority for a sniper or anybody she has her back turned to.

With that said, saving my entire team from her ultimate with Lucio’s barrier was one of my favorite moments in the game.

Community Reception:
People like Mei, and it seems as if those same people know that I don’t. More and more frequently it seems like the other team’s Mei has a vendetta. As if I have debt to pay. Not a financial debt, but a debt in spirit.

Meaningless Grade: Only through her frosty pain will I find emotional balance with the universe. Mei might be more situational than other heroes, but people have really pushed her abilities further than I ever expected. As far as nemeses are concerned, Mei is an A.


Mercy_portraitMy Experience: For the more dedicated healer, Mercy is the primary option. Her heal is very effective, and her ability to enhance damage can be a huge difference maker. As a Lucio fan, though, I find her abilities too direct for my tastes. Lucio may not be as reliable to get you back to full health, but he gives me ways to contribute to my team beyond a few pistol shots. Mercy is a more typical healer and she can save your team’s ass more often than not. This doesn’t change the fact that playing as her bores me to tears.

Community Reception: I think the split of players between Lucio and Mercy have been fairly balanced, which I’m pretty happy about. While I usually don’t play as her, there are many times you’ll want her direct healing or her revival ultimate. Being on the receiving end of that ultimate sucks too, and teams have to respect what a high priority she is on the opposing team. That last charge of the opposing team could have the most poorly timed second wind if you don’t drop her.

Meaningless Grade: While I don’t find her to be particularly interesting in comparison to the rest of the roster, Overwatch needs a straight-up healer like Mercy. Mercy players are sort of like mechanics to me. I have no idea how they find their jobs at all interesting, but I’m thankful they do. I really hate their job. C