CDProjekt Red Deceived by Video Game Critic?

The rain-slick streets of Night City

Expecting a 10, Publisher Actually Receives Much Lower Review Score 

Critic promises to correct their critique sometime in the future

December 15, 2020After years of waiting and anticipation, Cyberpunk 2077 publisher CDProjekt Red finally received the review they’d been patiently waiting for. Nearly as soon as it arrived, it was apparent that the score they had received was far different than what they had been expecting. 


Was CDProjekt Red Deceived by Video Game Critic?

“It really seems like a slap in the face”

It really seems like a slap in the face,” said an anonymous employee posting on the game’s Reddit sub, “After years of glowing previews and coverage hype, only for the game to be given such a low score? It feels dishonest, and worse, it feels intentional.” 

Other users have pointed to the deluge in criticism surrounding working conditions at the studio, and the apparent disconnect between those pieces and the product as described in the review.  

“Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious,” asks user Stanboi2077. “How can a developer be working too much, and then also release a game that is supposedly ‘glitchy and broken?’ It just doesn’t add up.” 

Keanu Reeve's Cyberpunk 2077 Character
We have not received word on whether or not Keanu Reeves, who appears in game as Johnny Silverhand, also feels deceived.

When reached for comment, the author of the review in question admitted that the piece probably had been published before it was ready, and that they still haven’t actually played much of it at all. They cited a number of missed deadlines, and intense pressure from both the higher-ups and the readers, which lead to the decision to go ahead and publish the review in its current state. 

In a follow-up statement, the embattled critic promised that they will play much more of the game next month, and then another chunk approximately one month after that. They’re confident that by then, the updated review will be in a much more agreeable state for everyone involved. In the meantime, the author has invited any publisher or developer unhappy with the review they received to exchange it for an opinion piece on how the plot of The Last of Us Part 2 completely ruined the sanctity of the series’ first game.




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