About Us

SteveMugSteve Gibson – Owner: Steve fell in love with gaming at age six when his grandmother made the mistake of gifting him an Atari 2600 for Christmas. Set an early precident for writing skills when he mistakenly left the ‘r’ out of ‘shirt’ in a note pleading for some Penguins hockey gear (though fortunately, he never received the penguin droppings he inadvertently requested.) Founded Njoystic in December of 2010, and the lesser-half of the long-running Njoycast podcast. The internet has been a scarier place since. Loves games of all genres, though currently has fondness for classic platformers and SHMUPS. Has finally played through a Pokemon game, thus reclaiming his 90’s kid credentials. Catch up with his antics on Twitter @Fazor3d.
OBenMugBen Matlock – Lead Editor “Original Ben” joined the staff in August 2011, bringing up the grand total of full-time contributors to two. With his expertise, NJoystic re-launched the highly acclaimed (err, panned?) NJoycast podcast. Ben also contributes news, reviews, and his highly valued (and better informed) opinions to the website, is a highly sought-after college boy, and part of the music duo known as CLaB. More importantly, Ben is tasked with the impossible mission to keep Steve in line. You can occasionally find him complaining about things on Twitter @bpmatlock.
KellyMugKelly Bristol – Reviews Editor: Kelly’s degrees in History and Classics were clearly a solid base for a future in the gaming industry. When not tutoring, writing, and editing, she loves kicking Reaper butt with her BFF Urdnot Grunt. She also enjoys being a soulless ginger, training to be an environment artist, and is locally known as a good substitute for Google. Favorite games: Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series, Super Mario World, Forza Horizon, God of War series, Civ V, The Neverhood, Monkey Island series, and Cards Against Humanity. Favorite Genres: Fantasy RPG, racing sims, and anything with a great story. Fellow vikings (and non-vikings, we suppose) can find her on Twitter @cateia97.
BenMugBen Rowland – Reviews Editor: Ben is a Toronto-based writer, blogger, podcaster and avid gamer, having first laid hands on a controller in 1983 and not letting go. Starting with the Colecovision and going right through to the 8-bit Nintendo era, the heyday of the arcade, the 16-bit console wars and the evolution of more powerful systems, Ben has been there to watch as gaming evolved. His favorite genres include adventure, RPG, platforming, SHMUPS and racing, but he is open to playing almost anything. Some of his favorite games include The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania III and Super Mario Bros. 3. More recently, Ben has sunk countless hours into Borderlands, Skyrim and Mass Effect. Outside of gaming, Ben is an avid music fan, boasting a large collection of albums from all eras, and as a former film student, he is also something of a film buff. Advanced warning: Engaging Ben in a discussion (which you can do on Twitter @browland1) about movies, music or gaming might lead to him never shutting up.
NessmugNess Shortley – News Editor: Ness is a newspaper editor whose earliest memories include playing “Altered Beast” on her Sega Genesis. Her favourite genres are RPG, action/adventure and really anything BioWare. Ness used to game on her Xbox until it decided to kill all her Wardens. Now, it watches sadly as she saves Ferelden on her PlayStation. When she’s not working, she can be found playing video games, reading or judging you for not using a comma to close out that appositive phrase (you know who you are). Hit her up on Twitter at @paperbytheton.
DerekMugDerek Prim – Columnist: Playing games has always been a part of Derek’s life, but he still manages many different hobbies and activities. As a father of one — and soon to be two — kids, he’s always looking for something that he and his son can play together, or something that he would be comfortable letting him watch. However, between fatherhood, marriage, a full time job, and his duties as a part-time trivia emcee, Derek still finds time for games. His favorite type of games are JRPGs, but he is open to most genres as long as the game itself is fun. He’s excited to finally start writing again and looks forward to bringing fun to the njoystic reviews. You can catch up with Derek on Twitter @mirpkered.