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Toejam and Earl KickStart’n it Old School With New Campaign

Fans of everyone’s favorite aliens from planet Funkotron may finally get the sequel they’ve been longing for. Greg Johnson—half of the duo behind 1991’s cult classic “ToeJam & Earl”—launched a Kickstarter campaign Wednesday seeking $400,000 to create a true sequel to the original game. If funded, “ToeJam & Earl: Back […]


Contrast Dev Announces the Cheerfully Creepy ‘We Happy Few’

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile… Compulsion Games, the team behind the artful adventure platformer Contrast, have announced their next project. We Happy Few takes place in an alternate 1960’s British reality, set in a town fueled by drugs to make the populace “Happy.” It’s a creepy […]


Announcing Dark Nexus Arena, Warhammer 40K Twin-Stick MOBA Mash-up

Whitebox Interactive has announced development of Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena, a twin-stick shooter MOBA set in the Warhammer 40k universe. A form on the game’s website allows you to sign up for the Early Access newsletter, with the game slated to become available as early as Q2 2015 with […]


Adventure Platformer Hunger Gets Scrumptious Teaser Trailer

Swedish developer Tarsier Studios releases first teaser trailer for moody platformer. Last year, Tarsier Studios secured funding for their prototype game through the Creative Europe Programme. The game, called Hunger, centers around a young girl named Six and her quest to escape a mysterious world known as The Maw. The […]


Switchblade Monkeys Partners with Execution Labs to Help Launch Secret Ponchos on PC

Secret Ponchos developer Switchblade Monkeys has teamed up with Execution Labs through their new Finishing Fund. The program seeks to help established developers who have a near-finished project receive the guidance and funding they need in order to see their games to completion. Secret Ponchos launched on PS4 in December, […]


Shadowrun: Hong Kong’s “Co-funding” Campaign Concludes, Smashes Goals

Unique co-funding drive hits $1.2 million in funding Harebrained Schemes, the developers behind the squad-based tactical hits Shadowrun: Returns and the stand-alone DLC Shadorun: Dragonfall have just concluded their latest crowd-funding drive. Given their prior success, their next project has already been funded and is underway. So why take to […]

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Terraria: Otherworld Revealed, Will be Shown at GDC

Re-Logic has revealed plans for Terraria: Otherworld, the followup to their popular sandbox platformer Terraria. Speaking through a community forum post, community manager “Loki” laid out a few details as well as some pre-alpha footage of the game. “Otherworld places the player in a life-and-death struggle to restore a once-pristine […]


Dying Light to Get Free Upgrades, Starting Soon

Techland’s Dying Light may have received some of the most varied reviews in recent memory, but for those who loved (or even liked) Techland’s action survival title won’t have to wait long to have more of it. Techland has announced plans for a number of free content packs, with the […]

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Part Platformer, Part Social Anxiety Metaphor Sym Gets Steam Demo

ATRAX Games has released a demo for their recently Green-lit platformer, Sym, available via Steam. Sym takes advantage of a light-and-dark duality that mimics two side’s of protagonist Josh’s ego. The light side, Caleb, represents the side of Josh that wants to conquer his fears. Ammiel, the dark half, represents […]