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Be the Crappy Car — Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Rocksteady Studios is one of the few developers that I could say I came to trust unconditionally. It’s almost hard to believe that the Batman franchise was so terrible for video games for so many years until they brought us Batman: Arkham Asylum and we were able to see just […]


The Diary Ends – Bloodborne Review

The Diary of the Bloody Mad has finally come to a close. Thanks to their help, this was a fun, productive experience that I’m sure I’ll foolishly attempt again at some point. Now I have been saying that this project would end with an actual review of Bloodborne. Even though […]

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Shovel Knight PS4 Follow-Up

Not too many games get recommended to me to the extent that Shovel Knight had been. The last time I had so many people telling me a game was right up my alley this much was with Super Meat Boy, and that game turned me into blithering, angry wretch of […]


Shoot, Retrieve, Repeat — Titan Souls Review (PC)

When Titan Souls was first introduced via a Ludum Dare 72-hour development challenge, the title gained widespread attention for its neo-retro style, solemn adventure sensibilities, and its immensely challenging gameplay. This early version, which is still available to play online, would become the prototype for an extended version that would […]


The Forest And The Trees — Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Moon Studios’ Ori and the Blind Forest turned a lot of heads when it was revealed during the Microsoft event at E3 last year. The game was beautiful, but it also appeared to have a somber, emotionally driven story that teased a tale love and loss. Based on what was […]

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A Messy Maze of Cards – Hand of Fate Review (PS4)

As somebody who can always find time to enjoy a good card game or board game, I have often found myself wondering how the chance and strategy of those systems could merge with the action and challenge of a video game. Card-based systems are certainly common in the world of […]


Breaking Down Life is Strange Episode One: Chrysalis

Maxine Caufield breaks out of her shell in the aptly titled episode, Chrysalis. It’s easy to see Life is Strange’s roots. The indie-film visual framing and acoustic-guitar scoring quickly calls to mind the likes of Juno, and the sunny-on-the-surface small-town setting smacks of Stephen King. Even the gameplay is clearly […]


Art with Zeus – Apotheon Review (PS4)

I remember studying Greek Mythology in High School, and finding myself extremely captivated with a universe that was just packed with characters that were at least as flawed as they were powerful. Greek mythology was almost like humanity’s first attempt at a super hero universe, and I think the world […]


Wii U Digital Reviews: Toss N Go and Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion

Toss N Go Simple games are great. They don’t typically have a large time investment, they can be played together with friends and family, and are usually inexpensive. The recently released Toss N Go from RCMADIAX hit all these point. The Concept of Toss N Go is a simple one. […]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition — Review

(All images via Fans of BioWare’s Dragon Age franchise have waited with bated breath for the next installment of the fantasy RPG series. Criticism levied at its immediate predecessor, Dragon Age II, called it a misstep at best, a sign of impending doom for the Edmonton-based studio at worst. When […]